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October 1 - October 31 2016 
VI50CC - The DDRCi ran this special event callsign for the whole month of October 2016.
Fifty years ago there was no satellite TV across the Pacific.
Then came Cooby Creek Satellite Tracking Station. They used experimental techniques to track, position and stabilise geostationary satellites. With what was then leading edge technology (liquid Helium cooled MASER and parametric amplifiers) they showed the benefit of multiple satellite cloud images for weather forecasting. As well they sent and received the first live TV across the Pacific Ocean on 6 GigaHertz.
See the Cooby Creek webpage (
Over 100 people were employed on the Australian end of the project.
They had a 50 year reunion at the old Cooby Creek site (north of Toowoomba).
To commemorate the 50 years the members of the Darling Downs Radio Club helped them celebrate for the whole month of October 2016 with VI50CC.
All direct qsl cards have been mailed and all bureau cards were completed by April 30 2017.